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2024 Boot Camp Module 4: Knee/Leg

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Watch the following videos for the Knee/Leg module and respond to the corresponding multiple choice question at the conclusion of each video.

Boot Camp Module 4: Knee/Leg

  1. Knee Dislocations/Multilig Knee Injury | Author: John D. Adams, MD
  2. Tibial Plateau: Bread & Butter to Limb Threatening | Author: Mark Gage, MD
  3. Tibial Shaft: Closed/Open, Supra/Infra | Author: James Blair, MD
  4. Tibial Pilon: Perfect Storm of Bony & Soft Tissue Issues | Author: Timothy Achor, MD
  5. Ankle Fractures: When is it Worse Than it Looks? | Author: Brandon Yuan, MD
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