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2024 Boot Camp Module 7: How Does the Master Do It?

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Watch the following videos for the module How Does the Master Do It? and respond to the corresponding multiple choice question at the conclusion of each video.

Boot Camp Module 7: How Does the Master Do It?

  1. Infection Tibial Nonunion | Author: Robert O'Toole, MD
  2. Malunion Correction with a Fame | Author: John Watson, MD
  3. Plate-Assisted Internal Lengthening for Femoral Non-Union | Author: Toni McLaurin, MD
  4. Nail Plate Combination Techniques for the Femur | Author: Frank Liporace, MD
  5. Reverse Total Shoulder for Proximal Humerus Fractures: You Can Do It Too! | Author: Andrew Choo, MD
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